Our Approach

We have developed a time-tested, comprehensive process designed to build toward long-term financial success. This process allows us to consider each individual or family's specific needs, goals, and desires and provide them with a structured approach. This approach aims to ensure our clients feel well taken care of while achieving their objectives throughout their financial journey.

Step One: Initial Meeting

During the initial meeting, your advisor will take the time to understand your financial situation and goals. At this point, you'll have an opportunity to get to know more about us and consider whether we're the right fit for your needs.

Step Two: Discovery

In the discovery phase, we will dive deeper into the details of your finances, examining your statements and goals to create a customized plan that suits your situation.

Step Three: Assess

After presenting a financial plan, you will have an opportunity to carefully assess our approach and what we've provided and determine if you'd like to proceed with working together.

Step Four: Review

We will follow up with you to review progress, begin executing the plan, and make any necessary adjustments based on your feedback.

Step Five: Ongoing Reviews

We’re here for the long term. We provide ongoing reviews at least once a year, or more frequently if your life changes significantly, to check on our progress and address any necessary adjustments to your financial plan.